Intel GMA 950 driving 1920x1080 over DVI?

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at
Tue Apr 17 10:49:51 PDT 2007

On Tuesday, April 17, 2007, Jason Tackaberry wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> On 04/17/2007 12:14 PM, Matthias Hopf wrote:
> >> cvt -r 1920 1080 60
> >
> > # 1920x1080 59.93 Hz (CVT 2.07M9-R) hsync: 66.59 kHz; pclk: 138.50 MHz
> > Modeline "1920x1080R" 138.50 1920 1968 2000 2080 1080 1083 1088 1111
> > +hsync -vsync
> >
> > You have to make sure that your monitor supports reduced blanking
> > modes (most, if not all, will).
> Ah, excellent information, thanks Matthias.
> My goal here is to ensure I am able to drive a 1080p HDTV when I end up
> buying one (when I end up affording one :)).  If it's the case that most
> LCD monitors support reduced blanking modes, I hope it also ends up
> being the case that 1080p-native HDTVs support these modes as well.
> But if not, it sounds like I'd be able to work around this by using an
> HDMI ADD2 card as the bandwidth limitation is inherent to single-link
> DVI.

Unfortunately, you have to be careful here too.  HDMI supports higher clock 
rates than single link DVI, but I haven't yet seen any ADD2 cards that 
take advantage of it.  The Wintec ADD2 HDMI cards I've seen are limited to 
165MHz, so you'd only get single link DVI resolutions out of it anyway.

It would be really great if there were dual-link ADD2 cards out there, but 
we haven't found one yet...


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