Funding Radeon driver development

Jerome Glisse j.glisse at
Tue Apr 17 03:11:25 PDT 2007

On 4/16/07, Daniel Kasak <dan at> wrote:
> ---
> An easy way ( requiring the least organisation at the users' end, anyway
> ) would be to simply raise the money, then donate it to a group of
> developers ( maybe people who have worked on the Radeon driver in the
> past year / couple of years ) and let them decide what to do with it. I
> believe this is how the donation to the nouveau project happened.
> Positive:
>   - easy to organise
> Negative:
>   - hardest to raise funds from end users? especially on an ongoing basis
> ---
> So what do people think? Please, end users and developers, comment on
> this so we can get an idea of whether this is feasible, and what methods
> people would prefer. To get people thinking, here are some
> possibilities, and some things that are going on in current development:
> - future:  RENDER acceleration for r300 driver
> - future:  tv-out
> - future:  EGL driver development
> - current: reverse-engineering of stuff for r4xx ( eg xpress )
> - current:
> Surely there are people who think it's worthwhile funding ( or rewarding
> for ) some ( or all ) of the above?
> Dan

The bad things is that there isn't much full time on xorg drivers,
i bet a bunch of us would like to be paid to work on that :)

I think the donation method is the right things here, for example
users could make donation to the Xorg foundation (and can save
some taxes i believe) then i bet Xorg foundation will be able to
spend this money the more wisely in order to improve xorg and
all drivers.

For instance in my personnal case i would like to get some
higher r500 card (like x1600 and above) as their initialization
are different than the x1300 i own but i can't afford to buy

And my current todo-list:
1. Finish r500 2d modesetting driver
2. Work on radeon ttm for r100, r200, r300, r400, r500 chips
3. Fix lockup on r300
4. RE 3D on r500 (which likely not so different from r300)
5. randr 1.2 for all radeon :)

Jerome Glisse

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