Funding Radeon driver development

Jon Senior jon at
Mon Apr 16 09:30:28 PDT 2007

CAVEAT EMPTOR: I am not a developer and thus cannot say that this is anyone's opinion but my own...

That aside. If people were inclined to donate funds in order to achieve features, a better use might be (if enough were collected) the acquisition of hardware. The only driver development I've ever followed in detail was the Rockbox project, but there development on new platforms (even one's similar to those already supported) was hindered by the developers not having immediate access to the hardware in question.

Given that the amounts are unlikely to cover "full-time" work on a given driver, they might be better spent on making development easier / faster for those who are working part time. If not hardware then perhaps as leverage to convince the manufacturer to offer specs.

Just my 0?02.


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