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SteveLee steve at fullmeasure.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 05:45:31 PDT 2007

Thorsten Wilms <t_w_ <at> freenet.de> writes:

> In the current state of my concepts, a set of Input Events that is 
> handled as unity is called a Gesture. So both a single keystroke or 
> a shortcut would be Gestures.
> A single Mapping ties a Gesture to an Action with a Relation.
> The Relation is about what exactly shall happen. In the most 
> simple case, the Relation is of the Trigger type, calling an 
> Action without argument.
> So I need a parser from Input Event to Gestures.
> Then a mechanism to trigger Actions.
> I don't have the skill to implement such a thing now and not the 
> time for learning and training to get there.
> My plan is to apply the skills I have as a designer to define the 
> What, Why and to some extend How in a way that hopefully will get 
> other people on board. I know that what I have now is not enough.

Hi Thorston, I'm replying here as this seems to be were the discussion is. It's
going a little off topic for the list.

This is very interesting to myself and several others on the OSK-ng list where
we're discussing how to improve access for those with physical disabilities. 

In particular your ideas overlap with something I want to do in Jambu which aims
to be a cross platform assistive technology supporting alternative input devices
with cross device gestures. We're calling this ideas the 'capability palette'.

We've discussed operation with X events (and composite) on the OSK-ng group,
particularly as GOK (OSK) is an X client and the GOK team are involved. There
are several with the skills to implement a prototype. Indeed indeed Jambu may be
suitable and though it is currently focussed on Windows cross-platform is
important (it's being funded by a Mozilla accessibility grant and XUL is cross

Perhaps you'd like to discuss it with us? You could start with this post


Or browse the archive, 



Steve Lee

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