GTK+ crashing on screen resize with xserver 1.4

Ross Burton ross at
Mon Apr 16 03:14:06 PDT 2007


I'm using xorg-server and -intel 1.9.94 on Ubunty Feisty, and
when I randr the screen size most GTK+ applications crash.  I attached a
gdb and got this stack trace:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
init_xinerama_support (screen=<value optimized out>) at gdkscreen-x11.c:617
617	gdkscreen-x11.c: No such file or directory.
	in gdkscreen-x11.c
#0  init_xinerama_support (screen=<value optimized out>) at gdkscreen-x11.c:617
	i = 0
	screen_x11 = (GdkScreenX11 *) 0x80b60d0
	opcode = 156
	firstevent = 0
	firsterror = 0
#1  0xb79c9090 in _gdk_x11_screen_size_changed (screen=0x80b60d0, 
    event=0xbf8fb4b8) at gdkscreen-x11.c:753

Line 617 is a loop over the data returned by XineramaQueryScreens.  This
crash doesn't occur xorg-xserver 1.2.0 (on a stock Feisty) so this isn't
a GTK+ bug, I've been doing xrandr frequently for some time now.

Are there any known problems in the xinerama compat code for xrandr 1.2
in the new server?  Or should I build a GTK+ with heavy debugging to
find out why GTK+ is crashing?

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