Funding Radeon driver development

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Sun Apr 15 22:55:21 PDT 2007

Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Russell Shaw wrote:


>> If i had've had enough information to hack my radeon card, the ati driver
>> could've been by now *bug free*.
> Fair enough. What can I say? Again, as and end user, not much. Maybe it 
> would be worthwhile to add bounties for documenting stuff? Certainly I 
> can't help to document things myself at this point, but if I ever get 
> into Xorg development, rest assured that I will at least document the 
> stuff that I understand. I'm a Perl / PHP / VB developer, and I 
> *heavily* document things. I haven't quite made the jump to C yet ( a 
> couple of failed attempts, largely due to lack of free time // excess of 
> other projects ).

Bounties would be never enough for most serious developers. I'd rather hack
on code that hasn't been paid for so that there's no obligations about not
touching it. The best payment developers get (if they're not doing it as a
9-5 job) is to just get something working they can use.

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