Funding Radeon driver development

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Sun Apr 15 20:04:27 PDT 2007

For me, money isn't the issue, time is.  I wish I had more time to
hack on X, but I don't.  I suspect other developers are in the same
boat.  If you to put your money to good use, hire tungsten or another
company to implement the features you want.

I guess my current radeon list includes:

1. r128 integration
2. randr 1.2 support (or drm modesetting?)
3. DVO support
4. tv-out

I've got 1 started, but I haven't had a chance to test it yet.  I've
spend a good amount of time on 4, but the driver refuses to work and
frankly, I don't have much interest in tv-out; I've mostly been
working on it for completeness sake. 2 and 3 I'd like to work on more,
but every time I start I always end up wanting to rewrite large parts
of the driver.  However that's just my radeon list; at the moment,
I've been playing with smi and savage since the drivers are a bit
easier to deal with and they need some work too.


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