Funding Radeon driver development

Dave Airlie airlied at
Sun Apr 15 17:17:25 PDT 2007

I've actually toyed with the idea of a feature voting system for
radeon, where users get to pick what feature they most would like and
then I'd feel free to ignore their suggestions and go work on what I
want :-)

But sometimes when I'm feeling a bit aimless I do wonder what features
and/or fixes users would like to see for the radeon driver next,

The problem with your list that some features are radeon things some
aren't like EGL driver needs a lot more work than just a radeon driver
(which works already on r200...)

My current wish-list for radeon (in no-order) is:
1. Render acceleration for r300.
2. tv-out
3. rs480 - in progress thanks to a laptop I was given by mjg59
4. XvMC - yes I've stopped working on this as it was too time
consuming and I hadn't time to dedicate to learning the internals of
5. new memory manager support
6. Randr 1.2 working properly. - including fixing stupid BIOS info
parsers on lots of cards.. +  external TMDS output driving - started
this, realised problems with initial implementation didn't have time
to restart...
7. Newer card support.

Of the above I guess I'll probably get bored working on 3 (I've done
the hard kernel bits, the r300 mesa driver just makes me feel ill a
lot :-), I've started on 5 and 6, agd5f started on 2, others have
started on 7 (I'm not going to even look at that one...)

But it might be nice to have a user-voted list somewhere outside of
funding development, I know I don't want money from users for ATI
development as I would feel obliged to fix things, rather than just
contributing what I can when I have the spare time....


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