Possible bounty for r300 tv out

Hanno Böck ml at hboeck.de
Sun Apr 15 08:45:56 PDT 2007


One of the most missing features for me in linux is my non-working tv-out. 
(well, it can work with the proprietary ati-driver, but that's not really 
what I want)

Now, I heared that some people were working on that, but never saw a patch 
that made it work for me. As this would make things much easier for me, I 
thought that I might donate a small amount of money if someone is willing to 
pick that issue up. I also think that I could gain some more donaters via a 
public announcement in my blog.

My question: Would such an initiative be welcome by the xorg-devs? Anyone 
probably already interested in getting such a bounty?

Rules would be something like this:
- provide a patch for the free r300-driver that enables the tv-out, has to 
work at least on my machine ;-)
- with a license that allows merging with xorg's xf86-video-ati.
- no fake workarounds (vesa-modes or similar), has to work with the normal 
radeon/r300-driver and support xv/opengl-acceleration on the output.

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