2x DVI with "intel" driver?

Stefan Dirsch sndirsch at suse.de
Fri Apr 13 08:42:12 PDT 2007

On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 12:38:20PM +0100, Stefan Dirsch wrote:
> I wonder if it is possible to use a 2x DVI setup with the "intel"
> driver.
> I am using a 965G board (BTX format) with VGA+DVI output. I can use
> both outputs of the mainboard for a dualhead configuration. But after
> plugging in an additional ADD2 card (PCIe with 1xDVI) the DVI output
> of the mainboard is disabled. I can use the DVI output of the ADD2
> card instead and the VGA output of the mainbaord for a dualhead
> configuration now. I can't use the DVI output of the mainboard and the
> DVI output of the ADD2 card.

This were the results with a ADD2-N card. I finally managed to buy an
ADD2-R card (which are designed for BTX boards AFAIK) on ebay with
exactly the same problem. No matter if I plug in the ADD2-N or ADD2-R
card or use the onboard connector it's always detected as TMDS-1. So
the answer to the next question is yes. :-(

> Is this a hardware limitation?

So there is only one hope for 2x DVI with Intel - to find a Wintec 2x
DVI on ebay (the previously available cards are currently redesigned).

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