xf86-video-intel: XV using the wrong pipe

Alan Hourihane alanh at fairlite.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 13 07:13:48 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-13 at 22:02 +0800, JM Ibanez wrote:
> Hi,
> Since bugs.freedesktop.org seems to be down, I might as well report this
> here. Has anyone encountered this?
> On my laptop, XVideo using xf86-video-intel git seems to be using the
> wrong pipe (or at least, it is "hardcoded" to just one pipe). When I
> have another display plugged in but cloned to the laptop's display
> (i.e. they're displaying the same image at the same resolution), running
> 'mplayer -vo xv /some/mpg/file' will show output on the external display
> and a blue screen on the laptop display. However, when I configure
> dual-head (mergefb), there's output when mplayer's window is in the
> external display, but blue screen on the local display.
> Anyone experience this aside from me?

That's actually a feature of the chip. It can't display the overlay to
both pipes at the same time. 

If you run cloned on the same pipe, then it works, but there's the
restriction that the same resolution & refresh rate must be compatible
with both output devices.

The alternative is to use textured overlay which will work either way.


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