experiences with dual-dvi on ATI Radeon cards / NV-cards

Anders Johansson ajh at watri.org.au
Thu Apr 12 18:55:11 PDT 2007


I have a Nvidia card. Dual head setup does not work with the open
source nv driver, and the closed source driver requires regular
restarting since the desktop slows down over time.

I have some experience with ATI as well, don't buy it. The image
quality is good but the driver support (both open and closed source)
under Linux is terrible.

Matrox used to work really well under Linux, I had a G550 AGP card for
many years, and it worked perfectly with the open source driver and

Intel is probably your best bet at the moment, but I have not seen any
dual DVI solutions.

BTW why don't you use the source code distributed driver for your G550


> Hello,
> at the moment I'm using a Matrox G550 on PCIe Card.
> Its not that good on 2D. It seems, the closed driver is ugly.
> So, a new Card is to come... I have the choice between ATI and
> NVidia. At the moment i saw the "ATI Radeon X1650 PRO".
> What about the ati driver performance on 2d ?
> Since the bad experiences with the matrox, is it known to work
> with x.org 7.0 on dual dvi ?
> thanks in advance
> Martin*
> *

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