external monitor entertainment - questions!

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Apr 12 17:18:58 PDT 2007

Jeff.Hodges at KingsMountain.com wrote:
> [ (k)ubuntu 6.10,  nvidia quadro nvs 120m ]
> Hi, 
> So I figured out how to nominally run my nvidia-equipped lapstation with dual 
> heads (nee screens) as needed. My xorg.conf file is attached below.
> Note that what I've been able to do is *not* "hotplugging".

OK a few points that I think are accurate.

1) nvidia drivers do not yet support hotplugging. AFAIK only the intel
drivers with the latest RCs of xserver and the driver support this.

2) I think you are using the nvidia driver (as opposed to the open
source nv driver) and as such you wont get much help here.... better on
the nvidia forums.

3) foregoing the above point, you do not appear to be loading the nvidia
glx module and thus you may have poor 3d performance.

4) To get smooth dual screen with the nvidia driver you need to enable
the "twinview" option. There are lots and lots of docs on this in
interweb land so hopefully this is enough to get you going.

Good luck.


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