Is xgl considered dead?

Solerman Kaplon solerman at
Thu Apr 12 05:08:27 PDT 2007

Hanno Böck escreveu:
> I wanted to raise up this question because I recently got a request if we plan 
> to add xgl to gentoo.
I don't know anything about the development state, but the user side of 
things is pretty good at the moment. I've been running it for a long 
time as my primary desktop and didn't got any issues AFAICS. You need a 
second server to run heavy OpenGL applications (eg: Oblivion), but even 
if that works in AIGLX, it ain't going to be fast enough. Last time I 
tried with Enemy Territory it got plenty of artifacts everywhere and the 
performance got halved. Still better than the 2-10fps range of XGL. 
OpenGL through wine bails out complaining about not being able to select 
a GL context and java GL pipeline complain about missing extensions 
(this may be sightly outdated, but it is Java 6). I should try again 
with the new advancements regarding disabling indirect rendering for 
fullscreen applications, last time I tried it got weird buffering issues 
with video playback


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