Is xgl considered dead?

Hanno Böck ml at
Wed Apr 11 16:08:21 PDT 2007


I wanted to raise up this question because I recently got a request if we plan 
to add xgl to gentoo.

xgl-development seems to be pretty much dead. There haven't been much commits 
lately and as far as I can see, just about everything in the past months only 
were compile-fixes.
Pretty much everyone suggests to prefer aiglx. Nvidia has their own 

xegl, which was once announced as the future of xgl, is even more dead and 
probably not running anywhere.

Now, from what I see, there are two reasons left why someone might want to 
have xgl:
a) if you rely on proprietary ati-driver
b) aiglx doesn't allow transformation of xv and gl-apps

For b), I'd be interested what would be needed to make that working on aiglx. 
For a) there's probably not much one can do beside improving free r300-code.

Anyway, to David Reveman, maybe you wanna give a statement what your plans for 
xgl are.

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