xf86-video-i810 1.9.91 (on MacBook 2,1 - Core2Duo)

Rene Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Wed Apr 11 02:05:21 PDT 2007

Hi all,

On Wednesday 11 April 2007 10:32:29 Wang Zhenyu wrote:

> Could you try to add 
>         Option "Legacy3D" "TRUE" 
> in your xorg.conf's device section? 
> We should fix mmModeFlags when user doesn't supply this option...

Bad news, the option makes no difference, btw. with Legacy3D = False
the X server, beryl et al. do neither map the i915tex driver. Maybe some
version is too old somewhere in the chain?

Anyway, I have good news: When I do not use s2ram (I used in order to
POST the graphic chip on resume, for the text or vesa console) but just
echo mem > /sys/power/state at least X including the 3D desktop resumes
correctly (and no, I do not used the vesafb for te resume testing, but an
good ordernary VGA text console, ...)!

Is there some Intel recommended way for the non-X, that is VT, text
console that resumes correctly?


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