[RFC] App deprecation

Kean Johnston kean at armory.com
Sun Apr 8 06:21:39 PDT 2007

> Time to start shedding some of the apps no-one wants or uses, I think.
> Sing out if you feel like maintaining any of:
If the applications are not being maintained, but still work, what is
the point of removing them except to shed a few seconds of build time?
What is the real goal you are trying to achieve? Is there some upcoming
change that would require these applications to be maintained? If not,
I would strongly suggest you leave them well alone. Some in particular
are more useful than you think. When I use X I do not use huge
environments like KDE or GNOME or Enlightenment (ok E isnt huge but
its a great deal huger than just a barebones pmwm), but I do like having
a clock on screen, so I for one use at least xclock. xconsole is also
still useful. A very small percentage of actual USERS read the dev
mailing list, so consider my position as representative of a larger
set of users.

> If some of these are indeed deemed useful enough to keep around, then
> they should probably be katamaried together, rather than kept as
> individual apps.
If you are trying to reduce your workload, that seems counter-
intuitive to make MORE work smushing together applications that
are currently working just fine the way they are.

I know you are not bored and looking for adding work for yourself
or others, so what was the catalyst behind this RFC?


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