Multiple keycodes from one keypress. Creating eg. single-key copy/paste commands

nitram at nitram at
Thu Apr 5 16:54:36 PDT 2007

I would like to assign a single key for copy and another for paste.
Since most applications accept CTRL-C, and CTRL-V for these actions, I
would like to be able to assign eg. F11, F12 respectively for these

I have fooled around for some time with, xmodmap, xkeycaps, but it seems
that I can't make it work. Have a feeling xmodmap does not support this
kind of binding ?

Would I need to hack into the X keyboard driver ? If so, then I will do
that. Just need to know which files to modify code in.

I have also tried making this happen by modifying the blackbox keyboard
grabber (bbkeys) but it seems that when I grab eg. the F11 key and try to
send new key-events to the active window, there will also be generated
some focus in/out, notify events, which for some reason makes at least the
CTRL-C event not to reach the active window correctly. CTRL-V I can make
work although it also generates all the focus in/out notify events, which
seems to be a side effect of bbkeys grabbing keys.

Anyone who has suggestions for how to solve this problem ?

-Martin Lütken

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