problems compiling xserver for G965 with ADD2

Daniel Waineo danwaineo at
Thu Apr 5 13:11:59 PDT 2007

Hi Group,

I've got a DG965OT motherboard with a widescreen
monitor.  You know why I'm here.  Fedora Core 6
doesn't support the modesetting driver for DG965.  FC7
Test 3 seems to work ok with the VGA port but not with
my Wintec ADD2 card (DVI port).  See my bugzilla here:

I thought I would try the latest intel driver, but
realized I needed a more current xserver than my FC
installation provides.

1. I downloaded xserver and xf86-intel using jhbuild
into my home directory.

2. I installed several modules in order to get xserver
to configure. 

3. I'm having trouble with my paths for xserver.  It
seems to look in the area where my jhbuild of xorg is
installed instead of to my existing xorg installation.

First try:
./configure --prefix=/usr

X won't start because the font path is messed up. 
It's looking in /home/dan/xorg.... which is where my
jhbuild is.

Also it can't find the kbd and mouse modules.  I think
this is a path problem too.

Second try:
./configure --prefix=/usr
--with-fontdir=/usr/share/X11/fonts --with

I get an xscreen now.  It looks as described in the
bugzilla above.  However, my keyboard and mouse aren't
working (I'm guessing because of my path problems). 
Xserver doesn't seem to be writing a Xorg.0.log
anymore, so I can't tell what exactly is wrong. 

I know I'm doing something wrong when building X.  Can
anyone tell me what it is? 

If nothing else, this has been very educational.
Dan Waineo 

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