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Thu Apr 5 04:17:17 PDT 2007

I have recently obtained an acer-aspire-5612 with intel 945 graphics processor. I have both Winxp and Gnu/linux Debian , I've put the 'experimental' Xorg and xorg-video-intel packages. I even tried compileing 'git' repository sources for xf85-video-intel.

I can get a display with correct resolution, but my program displays 100 times slower than on my old thinkpad t30 (now deceased) and 100 times slower than the same program runnign in the windows xp. This suggest to me that I still have some problem with the graphics accelleration. It draws like about 2 frames per second instead of 30 . 

However in the windows xp there's a wierd flickeryness that was not present when running on the old machine. The program is a 'processing' sketch, so unfortuneatly there's several layers of software involved. As far as I know it shoudl not be using so-called '3d' graphics, it's just sliding tiles of an image around the screen. Any advice on either improving the situation or how to test whether it's the driver for sure, the X server, other layer of software , etc that results in this behaviour? 
The t-30 was running Debian Sid and died about a week ago , barring updates since then (and, now, the 'experimental' packs for xorg) it was running the same software (apart from different hardware drivers! )

Any suggetsions?

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