New -Premium- Content Protection systems may affect OSS

will nodenet at
Wed Apr 4 09:24:09 PDT 2007



Apologies if this has already been covered .. What is the feeling regards
the extreme measures that have been imposed to ensure that premium content
remain encrypted and the implications this may have on supporting hardware
under Linux / X etc see


For example encrypting command codes and data to prevent reverse engineering
of video cards. This is all tied up in such a way as to suggest that if open
source drivers may not be developed for the device I'm not sure if this
implies that should such a driver appear that legal action may be taken to
remove the driver (if possible) in conjunction with the concept that it will
not be possible to develop anyway (there may be a huge cost to the
manufacturer should a current device become compromised).


Does anyone have any more details on how this will affect open source
software and hardware support on an ongoing basis i.e. what is the reality
of the situation, it's often very different from what anyone imagines it to
be on paper.




Will Wiseman



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