[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel-1.9.94 (2.0 RC4)

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Wed Apr 4 06:59:16 PDT 2007

* Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> [070404 05:59]:
> Michel Dänzer wrote:
> >> I've got a "Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics
> >> Controller" but I believe my libdrm and kernel level DRM bits
> >> are older than bleeding edge.
> > 
> > That shouldn't really matter for EXA, which works for me on a 945. Do
> > you have a bug report or at least log file for this?
> No but I'll get one sorted at some point today/tomorrow. I know things
> are tight with RC timescales for fixing this so I'll try my best to get
> it done quickly.

I believe the driver still hangs with DRI enabled if Virtual is set
to larger than the 2048 limit on 945:

(EE) intel(0): Cannot support > 2048 vertical lines. disabling acceleration.
(EE) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable

Virtual must be set to be bigger than 2048 for the driver to hang:

Section "Screen"
   Identifier       "Default Screen"
   Device           "Intel 945GM"
   Monitor          "Generic Monitor"
   DefaultDepth     24
   SubSection "Display"
      Depth	    24
      Virtual       1600 2250

Sorry, cannot confirm this right now. But this may explain some of the
"it does not work" repots.



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