Copy primary to clipboard tool needed

Alexej Davidov alexej.davidov at
Tue Apr 3 16:07:32 PDT 2007


I'm looking for a simple tool that copies the primary selection to the

I hardly ever use the clipboard, but sometimes it is convenient or even
necessary. E.g. pasting to a wine app (doesn't know nothing about
primary selection). Or Emacs, which either uses primary selection
exclusively or clipboard exclusively, but not both at the same time. Or
if the pasted text should overwrite some existing text. Usually I
realise that I should have used the clipboard not until I want to
paste the text, and then its annoying to switch back to the
application where I copied the text and back again to where I want
to paste it.

With such a tool, I could bind it to a short cut and copy to clipboard
just when needed. Does such a tool exist?


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