cannot enable Pipe B on Intel 852

Robert Wörle robert at
Tue Apr 3 00:35:22 PDT 2007

Dear Guru`s

I am working on a issue to enable both Pipes on a Intel 852GM board.
I need to reach Xinerama functionality to stretch between 2 LCD`s.

The onboard chip brings out 1 DVI and 1 15Pin VGA connector to the outside.

So on LCD is attached to DVI and one to VGA.

I reproduced such a layout with my laptops intel chip and managed to get
xinerama working quite well .
What i noticed is that my laptop does enable both Pipes A and B.

the Target system doesnt enable PIPE B !!

So the question is :
Will it actually work with connecting one on DVI and one on VGA and
strech X to both ?
Or do i think wrong here and those 2 connections actually represent only
on PIPE and so i will never manage this?

Find below the log parts which i think are interesting.

Also i trie i855crt tool to switch on PIPE B but it has no effects

(II) I810(0): Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) 852GME
(--) I810(0): Chipset: "852GM/855GM"
(--) I810(0): Linear framebuffer at 0xF0000000
(--) I810(0): IO registers at addr 0xFFA80000
(II) I810(0): 2 display pipes available.
(II) I810(0): detected 16252 kB stolen memory.
(II) I810(0): Kernel reported 108544 total, 1 used
(II) I810(0): I830CheckAvailableMemory: 434172 kB available
(II) I810(0): Will try to reserve 32768 kiB of AGP aperture space
        for the DRM memory manager.
(II) I810(0): Monitoring connected displays enabled
(--) I810(0): Pre-allocated VideoRAM: 16252 kByte
(==) I810(0): VideoRAM: 65536 kByte
(==) I810(0): video overlay key set to 0x101fe
(**) I810(0): page flipping disabled
(==) I810(0): Using gamma correction (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
(II) I810(0): BIOS Build: 3037
(==) I810(0): Device Presence: disabled.
(**) I810(0): Display Info: disabled.
(II) I810(0): Currently active displays on Pipe A:
(II) I810(0):   DFP (digital flat panel)
(II) I810(0): No display size information available for pipe A.
(II) I810(0): No active displays on Pipe B.
(**) I810(0): Display is using Pipe A
(--) I810(0): Maximum frambuffer space: 65368 kByte
(II) Loading sub module "ddc"
(II) LoadModule: "ddc"
(II) Reloading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/
(II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC supported
(II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC Level 2
(II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC transfer in appr. 1 sec.
(II) I810(0): VESA VBE DDC read successfully
(II) I810(0): Manufacturer: NCR  Model: 6000  Serial#: 36040967
(II) I810(0): Year: 2006  Week: 15
(II) I810(0): EDID Version: 1.3
(II) I810(0): Analog Display Input,  Input Voltage Level: 0.700/0.700 V
(II) I810(0): Sync:  Separate
(II) I810(0): Max H-Image Size [cm]: horiz.: 30  vert.: 23
(II) I810(0): Gamma: 2.20
(II) I810(0): DPMS capabilities: StandBy Suspend Off; RGB/Color Display
(II) I810(0): First detailed timing is preferred mode
(II) I810(0): redX: 0.634 redY: 0.339   greenX: 0.285 greenY: 0.587
(II) I810(0): blueX: 0.144 blueY: 0.075   whiteX: 0.310 whiteY: 0.330
(II) I810(0): Supported VESA Video Modes:
(--) I810(0): A non-CRT device is attached to pipe A.
        No refresh rate overrides will be attempted.
(II) I810(0): Display plane A is enabled and connected to Pipe A.
(II) I810(0): Display plane B is disabled and connected to Pipe B.
(II) I810(0): Enabling plane A.
(II) I810(0): Display plane A is now enabled and connected to Pipe A.
(II) I810(0): Display plane B is now disabled and connected to Pipe B.
(II) I810(0): PIPEACONF is 0x80000000
(II) I810(0): PIPEBCONF is 0x80000000

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