[PATCH 6/6] xserver: input device id counter fix

Magnus Vigerlöf Magnus.Vigerlof at home.se
Mon Apr 2 12:07:15 PDT 2007

On Monday 02 April 2007 02:36, Peter Hutterer wrote:
> I got an idea! let's set it to 128! *shocked gasp*
> That's the max range we can have for input devices.

Using an existing limit for this value would be a very good reason for 
selecting 128, much better than mine... :) Once hotplugging become more used 
I expect more input devices will be defined and used so cranking it up as 
high as we can right away should be a good thing.

> MAX_DEVICES isn't used all that often for memory allocations (except
> in my cursor rendering code but that's supposed to go away soonish),
> so we're not really wasting anything there anyway.

Hmmm.. A question about MPX (not that I at the moment know how I'd use a 
server with that feature, but that's maybe because I've run the stock Xorg 
server for so long now...):

As I understand it each pointer capable input device gets one pointer on the 
screen. That would be ideal for a mouse or touchpad, but how well will that 
work with Wacom tablets?

Those tablets can have several input devices defined for one single connected 
tablet (stylus, eraser, cursor(=mouse), ...) but most can't report movement 
for more than one at the same time. So if I'd like to have a specific 
keyboard associated with both the stylus and cursor (depending on which I'm 
using) would that be possible or will I have to change the association 
depending on which sends motion events? I guess I'm asking if it would be 
possible to join two or more input devices so they share one cursor (might be 
the opposite what you're doing with MPX tho)?

Maybe I see something difficult because I don't think in the MPX way about 
this... If so, don't hesitat to tell me.

  Magnus V

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