Constraining cursor to RandR crtcs

Keith Packard keithp at
Mon Apr 2 10:58:22 PDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-02 at 10:05 +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:

> How about the reverse ? By default, clamp the cursor in the visible
> regions, and when the "mouse" tries to go past a border, fire an event
> and ask (the WM or anyone) what to do (i.e. go to another island, or do
> a nice 3D cube move, or start panning, or start "exposé" ...).

We don't need to add new events for this - the wm can just place
input-only windows around the boundaries of the crtcs and do whatever
they like on enter-notify.

> Maybe if there's no one listening to the events have a set of default
> workable policies, to be able to move the focus to an xterm when the WM
> has died, or is border-event-unaware.

Let's figure out what the default policy needs to be; we can hard code
that for now and then look at making it more configurable later.

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