Question about downloading modules

Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Apr 2 03:02:58 PDT 2007

On Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 12:28:32AM -0400, Jon Grosshart wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Daniel. Didn't recieve it in my mail but found it on
> the archive. :-(
> The layout doesn't make sense to me on the xorg server. It seems
> "everything" is short a few packages atleast. I've only checked 'app' so far
> and am missing these from the X11R7.2 directory entirely:
> compiz
> mkcomposecache
> rendercheck
> So where is one supposed to grab these from, if not from individual/app or
> X11R7.2/everything ? Those packages aren't listed in 'deprecated' so they
> are still a part of the the 7.2 release, no? Confusing...
> Thanks again for your time. If there is anyone else who builds X themselves,
> feel free to jump in... If I'm missing 3 from app, I'm sure I'm going to be
> missing a few from lib and fonts as well....

compiz and rendercheck was not part of 7.2.  I think mkcomposecache was
supposed to be, but didn't get included.

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