Question about downloading modules

Jon Grosshart jgrosshart at
Sun Apr 1 10:32:25 PDT 2007

Greets all. Just trying to wrap my head around how the download server is
set up. Sorry if this list is for technical problems only...

Am I correct in thinking that I grab all the modules from the above link AND
THEN look in:

for anything that is left over? (things that haven't been updated recently?)
Just trying to figure out where to look for the remaining modules that
aren't found in X11R7.2.. There will be a few missing modules, correct?

Should I bypass looking in X11R7.0 for left overs and just grab the missing
modules from individual? The most recent ones? Or will I run into problems
by grabbing a version from individual that is meant for 'development'?

Hope everything is clear.


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