Different xorg for different configs

Barry Scott barry.scott at onelan.co.uk
Mon Jul 31 10:33:25 PDT 2006

Daniel Stone wrote:
>> I haven't seen that done. get-edid|parse-edid reads the edid from a monitor,
>> but it doesn't seem to have an option for getting the second monitor. You 
>> could
>> use that in a script if it was modified to be able to get the edid from both
>> monitors.
> It can't, because it uses VBE.  Why would you want to get the EDID from
> an external userspace tool?  It seems completely pointless, except as an
> exercise to see if the second monitor was connected, which you can find
> out from Xorg -probe anyway.
Xorg -probe does not show any EDID data in the log when I tried it on a 
i945G that
was detected as vesa.


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