Integrating XCB with X11 and the memory footprint

Diego González dggonz at
Sat Jul 29 07:54:03 PDT 2006


        i just compiled libX11 and discovered that now it depends on XCB, no
        problem, i donwloaded it from the GIT repository and compiled it.

        After doing so i tried to see what it had installed, i discovered a new
        world of 20 very small libraries (the biggest being
        which is 62K).

        The problem with of these small libraries is that when each of them are
        loaded the dynamic linking requires one full page for the symbol tables,
        this page cannot be shared between processes, thus increasing the memory
        that each process using X11 libraries requires.

        See this thread on gnome performance for more information:

        Now that there is still time, i think that it would be a neat idea to
        merge some of these libraries so that the impact on overall memory
        pressure this change would bring. Having a very modular system is a
        loable purpose, but a small memory footprint should also be kept in mind
        when doing so, I guess that some of these libraries are going to be used
        together always (or most of the times), thus i think they could be
        merged into a single library.

        This email is just my two cents, take it with a grain of salt as i'm no
        expert in this topic. However if this email makes the X11 and XCB
        authors consider and investigate into this issue my goal would have been

        Thanks a lot for your marvellous work,

        Diego González

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