recommendations for dual-head dual-dvi with PCIe working with 7.0

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Sat Jul 29 05:19:28 PDT 2006

Martin Schuhmacher wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> well I'm searching a Card that works with 7.0 from FC5
> it should have 2 DVI Outputs (alternative 2 vga).

You can use a DVI-VGA adapter on one output.

> the card don't needs any 3D acceleration or others gamers features,
> it only should work :) No AGP, only PCI and PCIe Slots are av.
> so is there at least a pci card, that works?

I've used pairs of various old 8-16MB pci cards plenty of times in xinerama
mode, where both cards were different brands. I had the most problems with
old S3 and Tseng cards. Matrox, Ati, etc work ok. Ati has good open-source
drivers for dual-head cards. The NVidia open-source drivers didn't even do
dual-head last time i tried.

I'd look for a lower-end dual-head Ati pci card and put a dvi-vga
adapter on one output. A 64MB card would be ok, if you can even buy
ones that small now (new).

> or is a combination of two PCIe cards to be known working good?
> thanks in advance Martin

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