driver for "Fujitsu Takamisawa USB Touch Panel"?

Zephaniah E. Hull warp at
Thu Jul 27 00:28:12 PDT 2006

On Wed, Jul 26, 2006 at 11:59:04PM -0700, David wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got Linux running happily on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-T4 (and I
> love this laptop!).  The laptop has a touch panel that I can poke with
> my finger in Windows.  I'd really like it to work in Linux.
> I've done lots of searching and haven't found a Linux driver for the
> touch panel, which is reported as "Fujitsu Takamisawa USB Touch Panel".
> The Ubuntu Device Manager tells me its "info.capabilities" include
> "input" and "input.joystick".  "lsusb -v" [1] tells me the
> "bInterfaceProtocol" is "Mouse".  Does this mean I can use an existing
> joystick or mouse driver?  (I've clumsily tried both without success.)
> The device file for the touch panel is "/dev/input/event1", and I can
> see it spit out promising batches of data whenever I touch the panel.
> It makes me tempted to write a driver.
> Questions:
>      1. How can I definitively determine whether a Linux driver exists
>         for this device?

The contents of /proc/bus/input/devices would be handy.

>      2. Can I use an existing mouse or joystick driver with it?

No, but you can probably use an existing touchscreen or touchpad driver.

The evtouch driver may be more mature at the moment, specificly in that
it supports some level of calibration, screen rotation, and tap handling
if the kernel driver doesn't.

xf86-input-evdev should gain all of those abilities over the next month
or two, but for a touchscreen now you might want to try evtouch first.

Hope this helps.
Zephaniah E. Hull.

>      3. If the answers to the above questions are "no", then I'd like to
>         write a driver for it myself.  Where should I start?  Is there
>         an existing driver I should modify (fpit?) or should I start
>         from scratch?
> Thanks for helping out this newbie,
> David

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