GIT commit message format

Felix Kühling fxkuehl at
Sat Jul 22 11:46:22 PDT 2006


I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with the new GIT commit messages with all
the diffs. I do like having the diffs, but when one message contains
multiple commits, it gets hard to get a quick overview of all the
changes. You need to scroll through the entire thing to see what's going

Would it be possible to have something like a table of contents at the
top of the message with the one-line summaries of all changes included
in the message? That would make it easier to decide which patches I want
to look at in more detail and save a lot of time on changes that aren't
interesting for me.

With the current format I just stopped reading multi-commit messages
because it's too much of a time sink for a spare-time developer.


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