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Felix Kühling fxkuehl at
Thu Jul 20 17:52:36 PDT 2006

I'm not sure about the previous state, but this looks pretty good.

I found this note strange:

        Note: X.Org is slowly moving some parts to the GIT repository.
        See the GitPage for more information and UsingGit on how to use
        GIT . This is currently still in discussion as to when this
        process will be completed.

Isn't the GIT transition completed by now? Anyway, the note in the CVS
section seems to indicate that. ;-)

Another thing is that the links to the extras (zlib, fontconfig etc.)
are broken. It seems they have just disappeared from the file server.
For Xorg 7.0 (
there is still an md5sums file, but the actual tarballs are missing.

I added a short section about building only some modules against an
existing modular Xorg installation.


Am Montag, den 17.07.2006, 17:37 -0600 schrieb Brian Paul:
> I've been updating the Wiki instructions for building from git.
> In particular, see
> It would be good for people to review and fix any mistakes.  I'm still 
> learning the new ways myself.
> -Brian
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