ATI (01:00.0 0300: 1002:7145)

Thomas Glanzmann sithglan at
Wed Jul 19 21:44:19 PDT 2006

I acquired a new ThinkPad. And the Debian Xserver and my Checkout from
xorg-2006-05-28 doesn't detect the ATI graphic card. I looked up the PCI
ID via google and found:
        => Who both circumvent the problem by using the properitary driver or
           the vesa driver. I would like to use the Xorg driver.

Is it as easy as patching the PCI ID for an existing driver or does it even
already work (I can't check right now, because anongit doesn't work) or is more
work involved and should I switch temporary to the properitary ATI driver?

lspci output:

01:00.0 0300: 1002:7145
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device 7145 (prog-if 00 [VGA])
        Subsystem: Lenovo Unknown device 2006
        Control: I/O+ Mem+ BusMaster- SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr- Stepping- SERR+ FastB2B-
        Status: Cap+ 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=fast >TAbort- <TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR-
        Interrupt: pin A routed to IRQ 11
        Region 0: Memory at d8000000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=128M]
        Region 1: I/O ports at 2000 [size=256]
        Region 2: Memory at ee100000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]
        [virtual] Expansion ROM at ee120000 [disabled] [size=128K]
        Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2
                Flags: PMEClk- DSI- D1+ D2+ AuxCurrent=0mA PME(D0-,D1-,D2-,D3hot-,D3cold-)
                Status: D0 PME-Enable- DSel=0 DScale=0 PME-
        Capabilities: [58] Express Legacy Endpoint IRQ 0
                Device: Supported: MaxPayload 128 bytes, PhantFunc 0, ExtTag+
                Device: Latency L0s <4us, L1 unlimited
                Device: AtnBtn- AtnInd- PwrInd-
                Device: Errors: Correctable- Non-Fatal- Fatal- Unsupported-
                Device: RlxdOrd+ ExtTag- PhantFunc- AuxPwr- NoSnoop+
                Device: MaxPayload 128 bytes, MaxReadReq 128 bytes
                Link: Supported Speed 2.5Gb/s, Width x16, ASPM L0s L1, Port 0
                Link: Latency L0s <64ns, L1 <1us
                Link: ASPM L0s L1 Enabled RCB 64 bytes CommClk+ ExtSynch-
                Link: Speed 2.5Gb/s, Width x16
        Capabilities: [80] Message Signalled Interrupts: 64bit+ Queue=0/0 Enable-
                Address: 0000000000000000  Data: 0000


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