Whence XKB stuff (or - where can I find EVERYTHING)

Donnie Berkholz dberkholz at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 19 20:53:49 PDT 2006

Kean Johnston wrote:
>> The homepage of xkeyboard-config is at
>> http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software_2fXKeyboardConfig
> The whole point of the question was that I wanted to avoid cvs.
> I went to ftp.x.org/pub/X11R7.1/src/everything ... and downloaded
> everything ... and got LESS than "everything". For example, no
> fonts. No keyboard maps. Without doing an actual comparison of
> a checkout from cvs, I have no way of knowing WHAT I am missing.
> Its also dubious that even using cvs would get me "everything"
> for 7.1. Will it? Or will I have to use git to get yet other
> bits?

Didn't convert to git till post-7.1 ...

> X.org has traditionally been very good about posting its sources
> in ftp form. Seems the ball was dropped a little with the 7.1
> release. So not only do I want to know where I can actually
> get "everything" in ftp format, from an official x.org location,
> but it should also be a heads-up to the release manager that
> whatever process is being followed for releasing the source
> tar balls on ftp.x.org is broken. For example, the entire
> "data" directory is empty. Thats where at least one of the
> missing pieces is. At least one other is in the "font"
> directory where the software is there but none of the data files.

Only the sources that changed since 7.0 were duplicated. If you go to
the 7.0 directory and look for additional unique package names, you'll
find the rest that are distributed by X.Org.

> Right now, I could not build a full X11R7.1 tree from the
> sources on ftp.x.org, which is a significant departure from the
> way things were in the past, and I just wanted to bring that
> to people's attention, if it is something that they think
> should be cared about.
> I would also appreciate a pointer to other bits that were
> dropped from the modular X (like xterm) so I can figure out a
> way to build something that is closer to what I would have
> gotten from 6.9.

Here's a list from quickly glancing through our packaging:

glxinfo/glxgears, and everything else Mesa, including glut (try freeglut)
All the dps stuff (was this even in 6.9?)
xkeyboard-config (but you can still use X.Org xkbdata instead)
ttf-bitstream-vera fonts
*anything else that used to be in xc/extras/ except libXpm, which has no
upstream home besides X.Org


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