Feedback from xf86-video-intel exa branch

Daniel Kasak dkasak at
Wed Jul 19 20:48:56 PDT 2006

Wang Zhenyu wrote:

>> Firstly, a bug report ...
>> If I *don't* enable exa, I get visual corruption in many windows ( but
>> not all ) when I scroll, move things over them, etc. Examples of apps
>> that demonstrate this behaviour are firefox, thunderbird, vmware. An app
>> that *doesn't* seem to be affected is Eterm. If I enable the composite
>> extension and start xcompmgr, this problem is fixed! Also of note, is
>> that enabling the composite extension doesn't seem to be *that* bad on
>> performance ... with exa disabled. The corruption occurs whether the
>> composite extension is enabled or not.
> Do you see this corrupt happen on other branch of intel driver? or just
> from exa branch? 

I've only noticed it in the exa branch. I've tried to switch back to the
normal branch, but I'm getting git connection errors at the moment.
Anyway, I *was* running the normal branch for a while, and I hadn't
noticed it, but it was relatively old ... maybe a month old or something
like that.

> Current exa render implement is still very experimental, many area needs 
> to be fixed, e.g exa mem problem, you may refer
>, as Eric pointed some
> future improvement. 

Ah. Fair enough. Thanks for the response :) And thanks for providing
open-source drivers :)

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