Multi-key and deadkey setups

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Sun Jul 16 22:21:39 PDT 2006

No one in particular wrote:
> Hello----
> As part of the process of getting my laptop fully configured for Unicode
> and multilingual support, I have been working my way through multi-key
> and deadkey configurations.  For the most part, I have been able to
> track down the information I need, though it´s been a long investigation
> through a mess of old and new documentation.  Now, though, I am stuck
> with one last problem:
> I cannot figure out why some multi-key combinations in 
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose work and some do not.  For
> example, the multi-key for the AE ligature works fine, the double-prime 
> quotation marks below do not, the guillemots immediately below that work 
> fine.  It seems likely that somewhere there is another file controlling 
> which of the key combinations in the Compose file are actually active, 
> but I have not been able to determine where, or even if my hypothesis is 
> correct.
> I´ve no problem displaying any of the characters I have tried, and
> inputting them is no problem via cut-and-paste.  It´s only getting the
> key combinations to work that is defeating me.
> I hate dumping a question like this on a developer´s list, but I have
> run out of ideas.  I´ve been working on this project off and on for
> months, and have exhausted my resources.  It may be that the only people
> left who really understand how this works are the people who build it.
> I´m not even sure what configuration information would be relevant
> (apart from the most obvious:  XkbLayout:  en_US.utf8)  but I´ll happily
> provide anything requested.

How are you displaying the characters? The font or renderer may have bugs.
You need to look at the raw key codes that come from the X server.

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