Xorg 7.1, Mesa, threads

J. Hart af804 at bfn.org
Sun Jul 16 08:31:05 PDT 2006

>>Installation of Mesa seems to require that Glibc be installed with Linuxthreads 
>>rather than NPTL.  if, for example, Glibc 2.36 is installed with Linuxthreads 
>>support, a version of the header file "/usr/include/bits/initspin.h" will also 
>>be installed with a definition of __LOCK_INITIALIZER.  This definition seems to 
>No. I run glibc-2.3.6 w/ NPTL support, and I've got the dummy
>initspin.h, too. Everything's working fine.
>I cannot find any reference to __LOCK_INITIALIZER in Mesa-6.5 (or Mesa

Here is a log of the error message from the build:

gcc -c -I../../include -I../../src/mesa -I../../src/mesa/main
-I../../src/mesa/glapi -I../../src/mesa/math -I../../src/mesa/tnl
-I../../src/mesa/shader -I../../src/mesa/shader/grammar
-I../../src/mesa/shader/slang/OGLCompilersDLL -I../../src/mesa/swrast
-I../../src/mesa/swrast_setup -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -O3 -g -fPIC
-DUSE_SSE_ASM -I/usr/X11R6/include -std=c99 -ffast-math main/context.c
-o main/context.o
main/context.c:599: warning: missing braces around initializer
main/context.c:599: warning: (near initialization for 'OneTimeLock.__data')
main/context.c:599: error: '__LOCK_INITIALIZER' undeclared here (not in
a function)

I am using the Mesa 3D Graphics Library release 6.5 from :

The build procedure I follow appears to match what I have from the Mesa 
6.5 build instructions.  It fails after this command:

make linux-x86

It works correctly with linuxthreads.  If anyone has done this with 
NPTL, could you let me know if you had to change anything in the package 
to do that ?

J. Hart

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