Resolution issues on i915GM w/ xorg-x11-drv-i810-

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at
Thu Jul 13 12:58:22 PDT 2006

Charles Allen wrote:
> Philip Prindeville <philipp_subx <at>> writes:
>> Section "Screen"
>> ...
>>         SubSection "Display"
>>                 Viewport   0 0
>>                 Depth     24
>>                 Modes    "1680x1050" "1280x1024"
>>         EndSubSection
>> EndSection
> In trying to track down a similar problem with a 915G (Dell GX280) driving a
> Dell 1703FP, it seems that it doesn't like the "Depth 24" line.  Sticking in a
> Depth of 16 works (32 doesn't, but that may be a video RAM limitation).
> With Depth 24, this thing was convinced it was running at 1600x1200.  With Depth
> 16, it correctly ends up at 1280x1024.
That's not the issue (I don't think).

Because if I remove the "1280x1024", it works fine in 24-bit deep mode.

For whatever reason, it's not preferring the 1:1 match of virtual size to
actual physical resolution... 

And what was weird before is even though it said "Built-in mode 
it wouldn't switch to that mode on ctl-alt-num_plus.

Anyone else have any ideas?


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