Building from git

Lars Noschinski cebewee at
Wed Jul 12 06:18:40 PDT 2006

* Lars Noschinski <cebewee at> [2006-07-12 15:15]:
>* Thomas Hellström <thomas at> [2006-07-12 11:10]:
>>I am trying to do a build from git similar to to the build from CVS.
>>However, I notice that there seems to be no way to get, for example, the whole 
>>driver/ structure.
>>Do we need to clone each module separately?
>Yes, however this is easily scriptable. I used the attached file,
>deleted all modules I don't want and did:
>while read line; do git-clone git:/$line; done

Hm, this should be:

while read line; do git-clone git://$line ${line#*/}; done < xorg-repositories

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