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Tue Jul 11 10:06:27 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 06:34:20PM +0200, Thomas Hellström wrote:
> Hi!
> Has anybody modified the script for the git diff format and would like 
> to share?

Consensus on IRC is to just drop the ChangeLog files and, on release, do
something along the lines of 'git log > ChangeLog'.

It just doesn't make sense to enter the same information twice,
especially when git can generate the second file for us pretty much

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}>No.  I just point out to troublemakers that I have an English degree,
}>which means that I am allowed to make changes to the English language.
}>(What _else_ could it possibly be for?)
}Wow; in that case, my physics degree is *WAY* more useful than I
}had thought.
This just proves how useless a computer science degree is:  there is hardly
any useful science involved at all.  I want my computer black magic degree!
	-- Victoria Swann, Jonathan Dursi, and D. Joseph Creighton on ASR
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