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Michal Maruška mmc at
Tue Jul 11 06:12:01 PDT 2006

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira <ander at> writes:

> Don wrote:
>> I hve been having    problems typing messages because when I type often I get
>> more than one character. It gets so bad  at times to  be    almost
>> unusable.  My keyboard is not broken.  I am on my third keyboard.  I...

> I had a similar issue with an old computer. I don't know why, but ACPI whas
> messing with the computer internal clock. I just turned if off (removed from the
> kernel, but there should be an option to disable it) and the problem disapeared.
> [...]

In that case I would recommend having the keyboard events timestamped w/ the
monotonic kernel time.

That means have the evdev (linux) kernel module use monotonic time,
and (xorg) evdev driver use that time, which (afaik) implies using that kind of
time for everything in the X server.

I have patches for such functionality for xfree86.

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