Please review the patch for bug 3646 - libX11 locale files

मयंक जैन (Mayank Jain) mayank.gnu at
Mon Jul 10 23:09:27 PDT 2006

Hi Alan,

On 7/11/06, Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith at> wrote:
> मयंक जैन (Mayank Jain) wrote:
> > The latest patch has been generated against the latest cvs codebase.
> For lib/X11, latest CVS is 4 months out of date - it switched to git
> and all development is done there now.   (For your patch though, it's
> probably just a matter of deleting the change to the ChangeLog.)

Oh yes, the Developer page does mentions that.

> I don't know enough about the locale files to offer much commentary,
> but I do wonder why in the locale.dir.pre all the lines you add are
> missing colons (:) that all the existing lines have.

Yes, you are right. I missed a few colons. Have added them to the updated patch.

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