Xorg building

Russell Shaw rjshaw at netspace.net.au
Sun Jul 9 02:36:26 PDT 2006

Lars Noschinski wrote:
> * Russell Shaw <rjshaw at netspace.net.au> [2006-07-09 09:57]:
>> When building Xorg-server 7.1, "make" fails if GL/gl.h is missing,
>> because configure doesn't look for it. On debian, it is provided
>> by mesa-common-dev.
> This is mentioned on http://wiki.x.org/wiki/ModularDevelopersGuide. X
> depends on Mesa sources to build with GLX.

Ok. I forgot about that and missed it in configure --help.

I tried again with:

   ./configure CFLAGS="-g -O0" --with-mesa-source=../Mesa-6.4.1

but it gives errors:

checking for linuxdoc... no
checking for ps2pdf... no
checking Whether to build documentation... no
checking Whether to build pdf documentation... no
checking for XLIB... yes
checking for GL... yes
Creating destination directories for mesa module ... DONE
Creating destination directories for glx module ... DONE
Checking that the source files exist for mesa module ...
    error:   /home/russell/SRC/Mesa-6.4.1/src/mesa/main/depthstencil.c not found
configure: error: Failed to link Mesa source tree.  Please specify a proper path to Mesa sources, or 
disable GLX.

I couldn't manually find depthstencil.c in the Mesa-6.4.1 tree, but this is the mesa
recommended by the Xorg wiki.

depthstencil.c is in the Mesa-6.5 tree, but this build gave other errors.

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