accidental 'origin' branches in git repositories

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at
Sat Jul 8 10:21:03 PDT 2006

Keith Packard [2006-07-08 09:40]:
> I'd like to figure out a way to avoid having 'origin' branches appear in
> git trees. I think it happens with 'git-push --all', which seems like an
> obvious thing to do.

Damn, I'm sorry. I noticed something weird was going on, but I didn't
realize it was the origin-branch problem.

When I began to use git only (no cogito) some weeks ago, I _had_ to use
the --all parameter to make the push actually work, and that habit

> Right now, the only fix is to remove that head manually from the
> repository. Could we stick something into the 'update' hook? Or, better
> yet, catch it before it happens?

Maybe we should talk to the git maintainers. git should rather die than
create a branch called "origin".


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