A simple accelerated GL compositor

Mike Russo miker at readq.com
Thu Jul 6 10:06:04 PDT 2006

If you have helped to increase the stability of the Composite extension 
in nvidia's proprietary drivers, I salute you, sir!  Random crashes (a 
MTBF of 2-3 days) have led me to abandon its use, but if you've finally 
found the bugs and they get fixed in the next version, I'll be eternally 
grateful. :)

Felix Bellaby wrote:
> I attach a simple GL based compositor that runs with the nVidia drivers
> for Xorg 7.0 and 7.1. These drivers support accelerated indirect GL, so
> this compositor does not need aiglx or Xgl. By keeping things simple, I
> have managed to identify and dodge some bugs in the nVidia Xcomposite
> support. I am currently testing the compositor with the ATI drivers.

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