nv driver won't drive a nv card as the second card: what can I do?

Rodrigo Severo rodrigo at fabricadeideias.com
Thu Jul 6 05:50:28 PDT 2006

On 7/6/06, Dave Airlie <airlied at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > The X 6.8 nv driver could drive my RIVA TNT just fine. I have just tried
> the
> > nv driver version 1.2.0. It starts the card and X recognizes it but no
> image
> > is actually displayed.
> >
> > What can/should I do to fix/help this issue?
> >
> > The primary Matrox card is driven by the mga driver and the secondary by
> the
> > nv driver. As I said this setup worked just fine with X 6.8 drivers.
> >
> You running X.org 7.1?

Yes I am.

if not try it, I suspect the ROM and posting
> stuff in 7.0 is broken with newer Linux kernels.

As far as I know Icouldn't be using nv driver 1.2.0 with X.org 7.0, or could
I? But in fact I don't think this really matter as I already have X.org 7.1.
With X.org 7.0 it would choke on the RIVA configuration and it would eat all
the available CPU.

Is there any info I shall provide? Any suggestions on my next move?

Rodrigo Severo
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