braindead radeon.h

Dave Airlie airlied at
Wed Jul 5 16:13:52 PDT 2006

> Hello,
> I just found that the radeon driver in xorg 7.0 ignores the MMIO BAR's
> actual size and always tries to mmap 0x80000 bytes ( a value #defined
> in radeon.h ) - even with chips that have only 0x10000 there like my
> M9+.
> This fails on operating systems that actually pay attention what users
> can mmap - like NetBSD when using ttyE* and probably anything using
> /dev/xf86 - which allows to mmap only resources that actually belong to
> the graphics chip.
> Has this been fixed in a later release?

Yes I think I fixed it in;a=commit;h=85e2ee6de6fd347aad66785ec7119f92013cd994

which is in 6.6.1 for 7.1.

I've just pushed a bunch of fixes to the 7.0 compatible branch
of ATI (ati-1-0-branch) in git. with that fix in there. I'm not sure
I'll make a release from that branch but I could be persuaded if
enough 7.0 users ask.


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