Improving Xorg

Nix nix at
Sat Jul 1 08:46:25 PDT 2006

On Sat, 01 Jul 2006, Martin Bochnig stated:
>> autotools supports srcdir != builddir, so you can do something like
> I'm not Alan Coopersmith, but you're quite right.
> This is one of the new benefits after the switch to autotools.
> One may at first overlook it for Xorg, after having used lndir for many years.

I used to use this a lot, but it's never actually necessary if you have
enough space on your source disk to handle the objdir as well, and a
filesystem supporting hard links: you can just cp -al the entire tree.
(Or a hacked-up tool that does something similar if your cp doesn't have
a hardlink option). Enough packages don't support srcdir!=objdir builds
properly that a reliable autobuild system *must* do this, or at least
have it as a switchable option.

lndir is similarly unnecessary, for similar reasons.

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